Customer Case Studies

How Brands and Agencies in Home, Food and Travel Simplify Reporting, and Accurately Measure ROI with InfluenceKit

customer Love

“InfluenceKit has completely transformed how we report on our influencer campaigns.”

Cassidy Stockton

Bob’s Red Mill

“InfluenceKit effortlessly showcases the value we bring to brands. It's a must-have for easy and impactful reporting."

Stephanie Pedmore


“I don't have to use a spreadsheet and add a million formulas to get the metrics I need.”


Mom 2.0

“InfluenceKit streamlines our influencer metrics, impresses our brand teams, and consolidates everything in one place. It's a tool I didn't know I needed until I had it.



“InfluenceKit simplifies the process by providing an easy-to-use platform for influencers. It makes managing multiple partnerships a breeze.

Sarah Gould

The Tile Shop

“Before InfluenceKit, we were drowning in spreadsheets, chasing influencers for screenshots, and struggling with incomplete data. InfluenceKit transformed our reporting, making it dynamic, accurate, and comprehensive.”

Wendy Scherer


“Managing our Influencer program has become incredibly easy. After exploring other options, I found that nothing compares to InfluenceKit.

Lindsay Gammon

Pure Flavor

InfluenceKit is incredibly user-friendly and I love seeing influencers adding their deliverables in real-time.



"InfluenceKit stands out as a remarkably effective tool for extracting social media metrics. It plays a crucial role in ensuring influencers remain transparent with their metrics."



Ready to simplify influencer reporting?

Ready to simplify influencer reporting?

Say goodbye to hours of manual reporting. Forget saving screenshots or wrestling with spreadsheets. No more emails begging for stats. Let InfluenceKit streamline your campaigns, so you can focus on your ROI.