Getting amazing performance from your influencer marketing campaigns? Prove it.

InfluenceKit is the only tool that lets you view real-time influencer campaign data, create and share professional reports through a simple link, and confidently prove the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Wildly easy reporting for brands, agencies, and influencers

InfluenceKit reports are dynamic, so you can easily share a single link and watch a campaign’s analytics update in real time —without having to pull any data (or pull your hair out)

Measure real-time, accurate campaign data

Share professional reports in seconds — not days

Prove value on a single campaign, or roll up multiple campaigns in one report

Create co-branded reports

Get friendly, approachable support if you need it

Measure only the metrics that matter to you

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“Having something like InfluenceKit — where the influencers themselves are able to just connect their accounts, drop in their links, everything auto-populates, then it also continues to populate — that’s been a real game changer for us.”

Stephie Predmore – Director of Influencer Marketing at Mediavine

Join 1000s of influential teams proving their ROI

Connect and report on all the platforms you use

Link all of your social media platforms into InfluenceKit. Remove manually collecting, guessing, or providing inaccurate campaign data, and share your results with ease.

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Check out how InfluenceKit serves up campaign ROI tracking with a side of smooth tech to agencies, brands, and influencers


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“I like that InfluenceKit allows us to see all of our influencer metrics in one place.”


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InfluenceKit’s reports are really beautiful and professional looking. These would be great to deliver to our clients.”


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“InfluenceKit looks really easy to use, and I’m comforted by the fact that lots of influencers are already using this tool.”