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How Chervon Escaped the Spreadsheet Maze with InfluenceKit

How Chervon Escaped the Spreadsheet Maze with InfluenceKit

A conversation with

Miya Kim

Influencer Marketing Specialist


Chervon is a global leader in the power tools and outdoor power equipment industry. The company is among the top 10 global electric power tool providers with brands like EGO, FLEX, and SKIL.


Consumer power tools and outdoor power equipment.

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Spreadsheets and screenshots

Key InfluenceKit Features

  • Real-Time Content Tracking

  • Flexible Campaign Customization

  • Detailed Insights and Reporting

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250-1K Employees



Written by

Chris Tuttle

Feb 19, 2024





Chervon struggled to track campaigns, measure results, and deliver results to stakeholders. The process of individually emailing influencers and keeping track of their content performance was time-consuming and cumbersome.





Use InfluenceKit to streamline influencer marketing efforts, focusing on efficient campaign management, real-time content performance, and enhanced engagement tracking.




Enhanced campaign management and tracking, ensuring timely content release in alignment with product launches.

Improved influencer communication and management efficiency, reducing the burden of manually managing individual influencer relationships.

Detailed reporting and analysis, allowing Chervon to customize reports for various stakeholders and obtain valuable information about the effectiveness of influencer campaigns.

Chervon's Story

In the power tools industry, where competition is as sharp as the products, Chervon realized that innovative marketing was the key to edging out competitors. Their journey began with a traditional influencer marketing approach – building personal connections and engaging directly with influencers. It worked, at first.

As their efforts bore fruit, new challenges emerged. "Now that Chervon is growing and we want to expand our influencers, our strategy has to grow as well," says Miya Kim, Chervon's influencer marketing specialist. This was not a mere shift in strategy but a significant evolution in their marketing approach. It required Chervon to navigate the complexities of managing an extensive network of influencers deftly while balancing personalized and scalable strategies.

Navigating Influencer Overload

For Chervon, like many others, the default tool for managing influencer relations was the humble spreadsheet. Imagine a screen filled with endless rows and columns of data and desktops cluttered with screenshots for metrics. This approach, while familiar, quickly turned into a tangled web of data as their influencer network expanded to over 60 individuals.

"The operational burden wasn't just time-consuming; it was draining and detracted from focusing on strategic growth," Miya Kim illustrates, describing their daily struggle of managing a vast network of influencers manually like a constantly changing jigsaw puzzle.

Chervon realized they needed something more – a tool to cut through the complexity and bring efficiency to their influencer marketing efforts. They needed to step out of the spreadsheet maze and embrace a modern solution that catered to their needs.

The InfluenceKit Moment

The game-changing moment for Chervon's influencer marketing strategy came with the discovery of InfluenceKit. Miya recalls her initial reaction: "To be honest, we had just never found a program as good. It almost seemed too good to be true, especially with the portion where you could add Facebook links or blog posts or articles". This newfound solution seemed to fit the evolving needs of Chervon's influencer marketing efforts perfectly, offering previously unattainable capabilities.

The impact of InfluenceKit on Chervon's operations was immediate and transformative. "Before InfluenceKit, I was manually emailing each influencer one by one ... Now communication is a lot easier," Miya explains. This significant shift from labor-intensive, manual processes to a more streamlined, efficient system highlights how InfluenceKit transformed how Chervon managed its influencer relationships.

InfluenceKit quickly became more than just a tool; it became a central hub for Chervon's influencer marketing operations. "InfluenceKit has been such a pleasure to use... It's a great hub for some common ground, not only with myself and the influencers but the entire marketing team," Miya adds. This integration of InfluenceKit into Chervon's workflow marked a new era in their approach to influencer marketing, enhancing communication, simplifying processes, and bringing the entire marketing team together on a unified platform.

How Chervon Uses InfluenceKit

InfluenceKit is now at the core of Chervon's influencer marketing. It's used daily for managing campaigns, improving communication, and deriving insights from data.

Campaign Management Made Easy

InfluenceKit has revolutionized how Chervon manages its influencer campaigns. Miya Kim points out, "How we set up our assignments for product launches in InfluenceKit makes it so easy to track everything. The ability to customize our campaigns has been a huge advantage for us." This enhanced tracking and customization capability has significantly improved the effectiveness and strategic alignment of Chervon's campaigns.

Enhancing Influencer Relationships

With the adoption of InfluenceKit, Chervon has streamlined its communication with influencers, moving from a manual and time-intensive process to a more efficient system. This shift has empowered Chervon to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with influencers, fostering deeper collaborations and enhancing their overall marketing approach.

Data-Driven Decisions

The analytics provided by InfluenceKit have been a game-changer for Chervon. "Having access to detailed metrics like views and overall engagement is crucial, especially when we report to senior leadership," Miya Kim explains. This ability to make informed, real-time decisions based on comprehensive data ensures that Chervon's influencer strategies are consistently effective and aligned with their broader marketing objectives.

InfluenceKit has become an indispensable part of Chervon's digital marketing strategy. It's not just a tool but a critical component that drives their influencer marketing efforts, helping them maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced industry.

Ready to simplify influencer reporting?

Ready to simplify influencer reporting?

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