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Work with influencers as needed


+$35 per influencer


Work with up to 20 influencers per month


+$20 per additional influencer


Work with up to 50 influencers per month


+$15 per additional influencer


Work with influencers as needed

$159/month (billed yearly)

+$35 per influencer


Work with up to 20 influencers per month

$479/month (billed yearly)

+$20 per additional influencer


Work with up to 50 influencers per month

$959/month (billed yearly)

+$15 per additional influencer

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Features Included on Every Plan

Campaign Management

Automated Reporting

“Worth every penny!”

“I don’t have to use a spreadsheet and add a million numbers. It makes the collection process very easy. And it looks more professional.”

Marla @ Mom 2.0

Premier Professional Conference

“It’s immensely helpful with reporting and gives us a smooth, simple relationship with our influencers.”

Kaily @ Akhia

Full-service Communications Firm

“Wagner Spraytech has found great value in the InfluenceKit reporting tool for its ability to provide accurate, on-demand stats on influencer campaigns. This has allowed us to have a clearer picture on how our Wagner specific campaigns are performing as opposed to the influencers’ content in general. It has also proven to be a useful tool for reporting to upper management and negotiating contracts with influencers.”

Makayla @ Wagner Spraytech

Market Leader in Advanced Paint Applicators

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you count how many influencers we're billed for?

Whenever you ask an influencer to share a new report with you, we count that as ‘one influencer’.

What if I work with the same influencer on two different campaigns during the same month?

We’d count that as two influencers (because you’d be getting two different reports).

How much do influencers have to pay?

Nothing! When you invite an influencer to report on a campaign with InfluenceKit, they can use the platform for free (no credit card required).

What's a report?

A report is made up of deliverables you receive from an influencer as part of a campaign. A campaign can span any length of time, which means a report can span any amount of time. You decide when a report is complete (typically, a report is complete after all campaign deliverables have been added).

Do influencers hesitate to use the platform?

We know InfluenceKit only works if the influencers you work with want to use it, which is why we do everything we can to protect the privacy of your influencers’ data, and make creating an account and using InfluenceKit as easy as possible. The result? Hundreds of influencers use InfluenceKit every day and rarely express hesitation. However, if they have concerns or questions, we’re here to address them head on so they feel 100% confident we have their best interests in mind.

What about privacy? Will using InfluenceKit expose influencers private data?

As content creators ourselves, we take privacy very seriously. We only get data from official platform APIs we’ve been approved to access. We prompt influencers for the minimum data permissions possible (meaning, we only ask for permission to view their content insights, not for permission to manage their profiles or post content on their behalf). And we store our data in a secure, encrypted format. We’ll never share or sell your data.

Can I use InfluenceKit to create reports without asking influencers to do anything?

Even with InfluenceKit, you’ll still need to do some follow-up to make sure influencers add their deliverables. We’ve designed InfluenceKit to make adding deliverables as easy as possible, and when influencers understand this, they’re usually very willing to take the few minutes required. Bottom line: you still need to work with your influencers to get stats with InfluenceKit, but it couldn’t be easier!

Do you do influencer discovery and/or vetting?

We do not offer influencer discover or vetting. If you’re considering working with a new influencer, asking them to share a sample InfluenceKit report is a good way of understanding how they might perform.

Is there a contract?

Nope. InfluenceKit is a monthly subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

How long will the reports last?

Any reports you create with InfluenceKit will continue to update as long as the influencers who added the deliverables have valid platform connections.

Do you support (insert platform here)?

Probably! If you’d like us to add a platform that isn’t already listed on our site, just reach out and let us know. We’ll do what we can to add that platform to InfluenceKit. If we’re unable to add it you can always add a custom stats manually, it’s a piece of cake!

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