How The Tile Shop makes confident ROI decisions with InfluenceKit


Sarah Gould is the Social Media Coordinator at The Tile Shop — a B2B and B2C tile retailer with hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. With a heavy load of partnerships and deliverables to manage, she needs a way to collect data from influencers, prove the value of a partnership, and share key insights with stakeholders.


Proving influencer ROI without accurate data

Sarah can’t settle on inefficient processes, gut-instinct, and half-proven metrics to solidify whether her partnership strategies are contributing to the company’s bottom line or not. That is why she uses the influencer reporting platform, InfluenceKit.

“The report was just one of those things where I was like, ‘wow, this would be really, really great to have.’ To be able to share with other people, even other people on our team, because there’s so much that goes into these influencer partnerships. There’s so much time and effort and coordination spent on these and InfluenceKit is a great way to capture all of the benefits of doing them,” – Sarah Gould, Social Media Coordinator at The Tile Shop.

Before using InfluenceKit, Sarah and her team knew they were providing value to their company through influencer partnerships, but they didn’t have a real way of measuring how without relying on data on screenshots from influencers, counting metrics, and adding to a dated spreadsheet.

“Before using InfluenceKit, there wasn’t a laid out system for managing reports. In the past, we would just rely on screenshots from influencers and it was trickier for us.” Sarah explains.

While this method did provide some of the metrics needed to verify and measure the performance of campaigns, it prevented Sarah and her team from making data-driven ROI decisions.

“I think sometimes with these larger influencer projects, when you’re working with them and you’re in the marketing department, they make a lot of sense, you can really see the value. Sometimes it can be confusing to just fully understand all the wonderful, great benefits that come to these partnerships, especially because they are more expensive.” Sarah says.

“InfluenceKit is mainly helping us assign concrete value to our projects. We’re able to look at it from a very clear view of the benefits of our partnerships and be able to share what we find through these partnerships very easily”.

– Sarah Gould, Social Media Coordinator at Tile Shop.

Because Sarah and her team couldn’t measure the performance of the influencer marketing campaigns, it was challenging for The Tile Shop crew to understand the program’s impact.

“There’s so much that goes into these influencer partnerships. There’s so much time and effort and coordination that we really spend on these and we need a great way to capture the benefits of doing them,” Sarah explains.

Without hesitation, Sarah and The Tile Shop team began the search for a new solution that would assign concrete value to their influencer projects, provide clarity on the benefits of their influencer partnerships, and share their campaign data efficiently with stakeholders.

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Accurate influencer reporting platform, InfluenceKit

InfluenceKit allows brands to speed up their influencer metric collection process by allowing influencers to input their metrics, generate a beautiful report, and share with stakeholders through a single link. After a quick demo with the InfluenceKit team, Sarah was sold.

“Based on the benefits we got and the pure cost alone of what it would cost for us to add this as a tool felt like a no-brainer for us,” says Sarah.

Once The Tile Shop team onboarded their new reporting platform, they found InfluenceKit to be key in their partnership campaigns for the following reasons:

First, InfluenceKit’s platform delivers on engagement and reach metrics that matter to Sarah and her team.

“Being able to really capture information that we hadn’t captured before was huge for us,” Sarah explains.

Second, because InfluenceKit’s reports delivered on the metrics that Sarah and her team wanted, they were able to make better decisions regarding their campaigns.

“We have done quite a few repeat projects with the same partner and now we can look at everything, like our costs, our click per cost, all of that detailed information and make better decisions,” Sarah explains.

Third, InfluenceKit allows the influencers to upload their own deliverables so Sarah and her team don’t have to chase people for social data.

“The fact that the influencer themselves is able to go in and upload their deliverables is my favorite thing about InfluenceKit. We juggle quite a few influencers at a time and coordinating partnerships does take a lot of time and effort and checkpoints along the way. The fact that we have our own account and we get the influencers linked up with their own login is really, really helpful,” Sarah says.

But most importantly, InfluenceKit allows The Tile Shop team to bring context to their campaign metrics, make stronger decisions for future ROI and share with stakeholders instantly.

“InfluenceKit is mainly helping us assign concrete value to our projects. We’re able to look at it from a very clear view of the benefits of our partnerships and be able to share what we find through these partnerships very easily,” Sarah explains.


By providing The Tile Shop with a robust yet user-friendly platform like InfluenceKit, Sarah and her team are able to measure all of the metrics needed for their campaigns.

“We knew that it was great that we are doing these things, but it was harder to put it in an easy to follow format until we used InfluenceKit,” Sarah says.

Because efficiency has skyrocketed, Sarah and her team have gained a ton of time back on their reporting also.

“InfluenceKit saves us time since no one has to spend the time gathering all of the numbers,” Sarah explains.

In addition to improving the workflow, InfluenceKit is helping The Tile Shop share the merit of their partnerships with stakeholders in a way that provides value for everyone.

“Overall, InfluenceKit is just a really great way for us to share the benefits of these partnerships in a really easy to use, easy to share format,” says Sarah.

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